Welcome to my web site and I hope that you have as much enjoyment looking through my pictures as I had fun creating them.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed manipulating my digital photographs to create new altered reality images, some of which you will find in the portfolio section of this site. You are likely to look at the pictures and ponder, ‘is this real’ or ‘that can not be true to life but it looks real enough, so possibly it is true’. This is why I have called my business Reflections of Reality; you are not looking at reality but an image of a real scene that has undergone some transformation, like a reflection. Under the Profile section of this site I talk some more about photography and altered reality images, in addition to how I started out in photography.

The exhibition section lists the art shows where you can see and purchase my pictures during the year. I will also soon have a link to RedBubble, an online art gallery where you will be able to purchase my photos as high-quality framed prints, mounted prints, greeting cards, posters and designer T-Shirts with delivery worldwide. Please contact me directly via the comments form or e-mail if you would like to purchase a license to use an image in a publication. The comments form can also be used to send me a message and I am also more than happy if you spot any errors on this site if you report them to me via the form.

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